Signup Requirements

The Scrub Cup is a tournament for players at lower skill levels. Players compete against players of similar skill level, in a team environment. The goal is to play Overwatch as a true team game, with communication and strategy.

Signup Requirements for PLAYERS

Players that do not meet these requirements will either not be able to join or could be removed from the tournament

  • Season High below 2500 SR
    • This refers to the current season, we will take previous seasons into consideration though
    • This is a hard cap. If your Season High at tike of signup is over 2500, you will not be able to participate.
  • Having a skill level appropriate to your rank
    • We realize that this is a contentious point, but we want to keep skill difference between players reasonable
    • This means being a much better player than your rank indicates
    • This is not the same as smurfing! Smurfing implies intent.
    • This mostly applies to players that do not play competitive all that much, but do spend time scrimming or simply have great mechanical skill, but never seriously played Overwatch before
  • Working microphone and the ability to use it
    • Overwatch is all about coordination. A microphone is necessary to to communicate with your teammates ingame.
  • Being able to communicate in English
    • We cannot make teams based on language and the whole point is meeting new people
    • Basic English is necessary to communicate with teammates, admins and coaches
    • Exceptions can only be made under exceptional circumstances, contact admins.
  • At least level 50
    • This helps us keeping smurfs out and means people have a basic familiarity with the game and its heroes
  • Being able to scrim regularly during evening hours for your chosen time zone
    • This means around 6 PM GMT, EST, CST, PST
  • Be on PC
  • Don’t be a dick (See our T&C)
  • Be present on our Discord
    • This is mandatory since a lot of communication from our side happens on the Discord
    • There is also a mandatory signup confirmation shortly before team assignment that only happens on our Discord. This helps us to remove inactive participants.

Signup requirements for COACHES

  • Reached Diamond rank in at least one season
    • Exceptions can be made if you reached Diamond on console. Contact admins.
  • Be patient
  • Be aware of what you’re getting yourself into
  • Be prepared to invest at least 4 hours into coaching your team per week
    • If you are absent over extended periods or vanish unnanouncedly you will be suspended from the current and potentially from future Scrub Cups
  • Answer our questionnaire sucessfully

Requirements for CASTERS

  • The “Caster” role is self-assignable on our Discord server and is used to help you find games to cast
  • To be eligible for our main channel, you need to be able to stream consistent 720p, have at least two casters, familiarity with OBS and previous casting experience
    • Contact admins to get verified as a main channel caster