Smurfing is strictly forbidden in the Scrub Cup.

Smurfing is defined as playing on any account that has a lower SR than your highest-ranked account. If you have any alternate accounts, please use your highest for signup and inform the admins of any alternate accounts. We do our best to prevent smurfs from entering the tournament. Measures taken include:

  • We deliberately do not offer prize money in the Scrub Cup so we don’t give a monetary incentive to smurfs.
  • We check all profiles on signups for irregularities in their stats.
  • We randomly ask for player VoDs as “spot checks” (think doping tests in traditional sports) to detect smurfs.

We do not publish our smurf criteria to make it harder to make it harder to avoid them.
However, we cannot spot all smurfs - there is always a tradeoff between barrier of entry for players, work for admins and support staff and smurf detection. We could of course require level 200 on signup, 2 hours of gameplay and a voice chat with an admin, but that would probably require full-time staff and also exclude a significant number of players from the Scrub Cup. We are always trying to find the best balance and constantly adjusting our measures.

That’s why we need your help. We highly encourage all players and coaches to be vigilant and to notify the admins if a player is suspected of smurfing. This can happen anonymously and we will look into it. To judge a player’s skill, we will need video footage, so please provide footage if at all possible.

In the case of a smurf playing in the tournament

If a player is reported by teammates or their own coach, he will be removed from the team and can be replaced by a sub for the remaining games. Previous matches will be replayed with a one map penalty applied. This is only valid for the group stages, in the knockout stages any team found smurfing will automatically be disqualified and replaced with the last team they beat/third-placed team from their group. If a player is found smurfing by an admin or by notification from any other team, all previously played games will be ruled 0:2 against the offending team and all future games will be played with a one map penalty. For rematches, a reasonable effort must be made by both teams to schedule a new match. If no time or date for a rematch can be found an admin will decide on the outcome, consulting with the teams involved.