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Coaching Guidelines

Welcome and thank you very much for being a coach in the 2nd Overwatch Scrub Cup! As a coach, you train one or more teams participating in the Scrub Cup. Your job is to get them to work as a team - most players will only be used to Solo Queue ranked. Additionally, all participating players are 2500 SR and below, which means they are less used to comboing ults, engaging and retreating as a unit etc… »

Changes For The Second Scrub Cup

Welcome to the second edition of the Scrub Cup! At the end of the first Cup, we asked your for feedback on the tournament and got a lot of responses. Thanks for all the praise, we are glad that most participants had a great time and were able to profit from the experience! Of course, not all was sunshine - there were a lot of valid complaints which we are trying to address in this second edition. »

Changes For The Third Scrub Cup

Discord is now REQUIRED. Emails are optional and are only used for reminders if desired. Discord has always been our main way of communication and it serves as a great hub to ask and answer questions as well as meeting your fellow participants, so it being mandatory doesn’t actually change anything for participants. There is now a second level of confirmation to participate in the Scrub Cup. In previous Scrub Cups, no-shows were a big problem, with some teams missing up to six players right after team creation. »


Smurfing is strictly forbidden in the Scrub Cup. Smurfing is defined as playing on any account that has a lower SR than your highest-ranked account. If you have any alternate accounts, please use your highest for signup and inform the admins of any alternate accounts. We do our best to prevent smurfs from entering the tournament. Measures taken include: We deliberately do not offer prize money in the Scrub Cup so we don’t give a monetary incentive to smurfs. »