Match Rules


  • All matches are played as a Best Of Three (Semi-finals and finals are Best of 5)

  • KotH is played as a Bo5. We believe that a Bo3 is not enough to adapt and mount a comeback on KotH, so we are sticking with Bo5.

  • If the match is tied, a Bo3 tiebreaker will be played on Nepal.

    • That means that a tiebreaker will only be played if teams draw a map, then win one other map each, and will only be played at the end of the match.

Map draft

  • The following 8 maps are in the map pool (Subject to change, after evaluation of Junkertown):

    • Hanamura
    • Temple Of Anubis
    • Junkertown
    • Dorado
    • Hollywood
    • King’s Row
    • Nepal
    • Lijang Tower
  1. To determine which map is played first, team captains ban maps one by one until one last map remains. This map will be played first

    • First ban is decided by coin toss

    • Whoever bans second gets to chose Attack or Defense on the first map

  2. The winner of the first map bans a map from the pool

  3. The loser picks one of the remaining maps

    • You can only pick maps that haven’t been played yet
  4. Winner picks Attack or Defense

  5. Repeat for map three if applicable

  • Example:

    1. Captain A bans first. Captain A and B ban all maps till Hanamura remains.
    2. Captain B chooses Defense.
    3. Team B wins Hanamura
    4. Captain B bans Hollywood
    5. Captain A picks Nepal
    6. (Captain B picks Attack)


  • Ruleset: Competitive

  • Hero Selection Limit: 1 per team

  • Killcam: Off

  • Everything else: Default settings


  • Only the following people are permitted in the game lobby:

    • Players

    • Coaches (must be set to spectate own team only)

    • Casters

    • Scrub Cup Staff

  • The lobby leader should be a verified attendant or other Scrub Cup staff.

    • His job is to set the correct rules and maps, as well as setting team names and spectator roles (coaches: own team only, casters: global)

    • He is responsible for starting games and to ensure both teams are ready

    • He is responsible for monitoring chat and pausing the game, if necessary

    • In exceptional circumstances, matches can be played without staff present. This needs approval from at least a Mod.

    • The lobby leader is to stay completely neutral in regards to pauses


  • A team is allowed to substitute a player if a player has to drop out due to an emergency.

    • A substitute has to fulfill all requirements for the Scrub Cup
    • The substitute must either be a player from another team not in your group or a verified substitute (look for the “Substitute” role on Discord)
  • Substituting is not permitted during a game!

    • Teams can continue with five players or forfeit the game.
    • A “game” is defined as a complete map, i.e. both teams have played Attack and Defense and have no time left on the clock, or have reached three points on KotH.
    • A “round” is one phase of attacking or defending or one point on KotH
    • A match” is a full set of up to multiple maps, until one team has reached the required amount of wins.
  • A substitute can be brought in after each game.

  • For disconnects or short absences, please refer to the “Pause” section below


  • Teams may request a pause due to an emergency.

    • Pauses are not for strategic discussions or pep talks!

    • Emergencies are: Disconnects, unforeseen extended lag spikes (>300 ms), hardware problems, health problems

  • Pauses during a round may last a maximum of three minutes

    • A “round” is defined as a team finishing their attack or defense, or a team winning a point on KotH
  • Pauses between rounds may last a maximum of three minutes, unless both teams agree on an extension

  • Between games, captains may agree on a break of up to ten minutes


  • Discord is recommended for ingame communication

  • Coaches may not communicate with their teams during a game

  • Coaches are required to be muted during games

    • This allows coaches to still hear and record team comms during a match
  • Coaches are allowed to talk to their teams between games in a match


  • Smurfing is not tolerated in the Scrub Cup. If you suspect a player of being a smurf, please report it to an admin, do not try taking matters in your own hands.
  • For more details on consequences, please refer to our Smurfing page.

Hacking/Bug Abuse

  • Any instance of hacking leads to an immediate forfeit of the current match

  • Anybody caught hacking will be banned from this and all future Scrub Cups

  • Scrub Cup admins will determine the punishment for the offender’s team, ranging from forfeiting the last match up to exclusion from this and further events

  • Scrub Cup admins will determine if other games have to be replayed

  • The above is also valid for knowingly abusing any bugs in the game!

  • If any team gains an advantage due to a previously unknown bug, the match will be suspended until the Scrub Cup admins decide on the matter

Other Disqualifications

  • Sometimes players will have to disqualified or suspended for other reasons
    • These could include, but aren’t limited to: Harassment, Inappropriate Behaviour and Language, unreliability, skills deemed disruptive to tournament balance
  • Admins will decide punishment on a case-by-case basis
    • For the player, it depends on intent and magnitude of the disruptive behaviour, possible punishments include:
    • Suspension for one or more matches
    • Complete disqualification from the current Scrub Cup
    • Lifetime ban from Scrub Cup and any tournaments run by the Scrub Cup team
    • For the team of the punished player, it depends on knowledge of his actions and what steps the team took to rectify the issue
    • Depending on how strongly games were impacted, games may to have to be replayed
    • If the team was complicit, map penalties may be applied for rematches
    • Map penalties for future games may also be applied
    • Punishments up to forced forfeits and complete disqualification of the team are possible