Goals Of The Scrub Cup

The Scrub Cup is a tournament for lower-ranked players to play in a competitive environment with other players of a similar skill level. Players are randomly sorted into teams with the same average SR, then get coaching and scheduled matches. The Scrub Cup has two goals:


For many participants, the Scrub Cup is the first time they play Overwatch as a team game, trying to actively get better at the game. They get feedback on their play and can plan and execute strategies that will help just as much on the Overwatch Ladder. The Scrub Cup is a great environment because it allows people to play against other participants around their skill level, without the skill gap becoming too big. This allows them to focus on their gameplay and improve while not getting headshot from across the map.

Having Fun

Overwatch as a team is a completely different experience than Ladder, and it is a much better game. Planning a perfect ambush or pulling off a perfect ult combo is extremely rewarding and fun, and this happens much more often in a team environment. Your teammates will switch and not flame you, and many Scrub Cup teams stick together afterwards and continue in OWUL or similar leagues. That is why it is so important to us to keep the skill gap manageable - no player should feel that there is an insurmountable obstacle headshotting them from across the map, and why we keep a close eye on players with very high mechanical skill. The Scrub Cup is about having a blast and competing against players around your level, and not about getting stomped.

We ask that players keep these goals in mind when they play and interact with other participants. All our decisions are made with those two goals in mind, and sometimes we will have to do things we’d rather not do, like ask participants to not play in the Cup even though they theoretically meet all requirements. We use SR as the main measurement for skill since it is usually a good indicator, but in rare cases it doesn’t reflect a player’s skill. In those cases we have to rely on our own judgement to make sure no single player is influencing the Scrub Cup too much.