Friends and Partners

COW League COWLeague offers a wide variety of Overwatch services, from discussion to group-finder, and team resources to individual advice. We host at least one solo queue style tournament open to all comers every week. With a very large userbase that is always growing, we hope we can provide a competitive and friendly home for you as well. COW hosts an open tournament each Friday, no need for a team, players of all skill levels welcome. The Minutemen event starts at 8.00 PM EST, check it out if you need more tournament action!
Their Discord is also a great place to find scrims of all skill levels in all regions, so visit them if you haven’t already:

Riddle eSports

Riddle is a Norwegian based eSports organization whose primary objective is to promote Norwegian and Scandinavian eSports alongside becoming a household name within the European and eventually international eSports and LAN scene. Riddle was founded by Mohammed Barzinje in January 2015 and has quickly become one of the fastest growing eSports organizations in Norway. Riddle has teams in games like Hearthstone, Counter-strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and League of Legends.

Mayhem is the premiere live gameplay review platform. Mayhem allows you to drop in a VOD, start a live session, and review gameplay in a live-synced environment. All actions like play, pause, and seek are synchronized, and you have built-in features like map overlays that can be drawn on, hero stickers to point out positioning, freehand drawing tools, group chat, emotes, and more. You can hold private sessions for your teams or live stream publicly to share your expertise and knowledge. Mayhem also allows you to record and download your live sessions to cross post them anywhere. To join Mayhem and start your first live sessions, just go to

You can also watch a demo of the live features below

Overwatch University League

The Overwatch University League gives all players and teams an opportunity to play in an organised competitive environment, where the spirit is one of improvement and teamwork. Bronze through Grandmaster, we bring together captains, competitors, casters and coaches to foster every aspect of competitive Overwatch in our community, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to practice and improve at their own skill level. Visit our website for more information or Discord for more information and to be informed on upcoming events!

Wawa's Bootcamp Wawa’s Bootcamp is a community that provides free coaching from Gm, top 500 and Pros! We have 150 pros, top line streamers and over 250 Gm or higher tier coaches involved. The Top quality coaching has seen amazing results in various platforms such as OWUL. We hold events and dailys which give you an opportunity to improve. Our dedicated students have seen dramatic improvements and SR improveements over 1000. Click on this link to be a student and check out the readme!