What is this thing?

The Scrub Cup is a tournament for Overwatch players with rank gold or below (2500 SR or lower). It’s a great opportunity to play the game competitively and have fun while learning and improving.

What platforms and which regions are covered?

At this time, the Scrub Cup is only on PC and in the Americas and Europe. We might be able to expand to more platforms and regions in the future.

When does this tournament happen?

Group stages run from the 5th till the 13th of August (EU). Knockout stages are 20th and 21st of August.

When do matches take place?

Games have to played either Saturday or Sunday.
During group stages, games can be played at the following hours, arranged with the team you are facing:
Scrub Cup Times
Times are in EST or CEST (NA/EU).

What are the participation requirements for players?

You need to be at least level 50 and be no higher than 2500 SR (season 6 high)

I have barely higher SR / a slightly lower level.

For signup, 2500 SR is a hard cap. We can talk about it if you are below level 50, please join our Discord and DM an admin.

I don’t meet the requirements, but still want to help out!

Sure! You can try your hand at casting (no previous experience required) or coaching (at least Diamond rank). Hop into our Discord and introduce yourself!

Won’t people smurf?

We hope not. There is deliberately no prize pool to discourage smurfing. Additionally, requiring a minimum rank of 50 and taking season high into consideration means people have to invest time and money to participate on a smurf. The whole tournament being for solo entrants means there is also no point in  trying to help lower ranked friends out. We are also always checking players to see if someone exhibits suspicious behaviour.

Can I enter with friends?

No. The tournament is for solo entrants only, though you can of course all sign up independently. Teams will be formed randomly, taking SR and preferred positions into account to create balanced teams.